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grok 20070224 released.

It's been almost a year since the first release of grok. I've finally found some energy to put into the project and it's time for another release.

Download: grok-20070224.tar.gz

A quick summary of the changelist (which comes with the tarball):

  • Lots of doc updates. More examples in the manpage.
  • Lots of new builtin patterns
  • More new filters like strftime, ip2host, and uid2user.
  • Fancier syslog matching options
  • New flags -m and -r. See this post about this change
  • filelist, catlist, and filecmd thanks mostly to Canaan Silberberg.
  • More tests to make sure that it works. Find these in the 't' directory in the grok tarball.
Email me if the tests provided don't work.