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new grok version available (20091227.01)

The latest release is another important step in grok's life. Most major changes were outside of the code:
  • FreeBSD users can install grok via ports: sysutils/grok. Thanks to sahil and wxs for making this happen.
  • The project has online documentation and also ships with a manpage.

Hop on over to the grok project page and download the new version.

Changes since last announced release:

 - Add function to get the list of loaded patterns.
 - Ruby: new method Grok#patterns returns a Hash of known patterns.
 - Added flags to grok: -d and --daemon to daemonize on startup (after config
   parsing). Also added '-f configfile' for specifying the config file.
 - Added manpage (grok.1, generated from grok.pod)

 - match {} blocks can now have multiple 'pattern:' instances
 - Include samples/ directory of grok configs in release package.