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Defcon 14

DC14 has come and gone, and with it went several gallons of liqour.

This year's focus seemed to be generally on a debugging technique called fuzzing. Bruce Potter's talk this year was as entertaining as last year's talk, with the exception that he didn't scream out "Bow to my firewall!" - oh well. This year he talked about trusted computing; it was a good presentation. Dan Kaminsky's talk covered a lot of neat things, but I was put off by how full of himself he seems to be, whatever. I made an effort to attend a dns hackery talk, but the speaker was horrible at maintaining focus and presenting, so I left a few minutes into the talk.

Things I need to play with: squid reverse ssl proxy, scapy, some generic tcp proxy thing I don't remember the name of, and a host of other new-to-me technologies. Exploitation for fun and profit, good times!