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pam_captcha, round 3

I finally got around to adding math support and reworking the innards of pam_captcha to work better. In the process I fixed a few serious bugs (the crashy type).

This update adds a new feature I call, "Dance Dance Authentication." This entails having a user perform a given physical task. This task is read from a list of tasks I provide. These tasks include such things as singing "I'm a little teapot" loudly, defining terms on the whiteboard, and other annoying and entertaining tasks.

I wholely realize that the physical task captcha has absolutely NO real-world uses or purposes. I wrote this part for the SPARSA competition, however. However, I think it was worth it if you compare the time spent writing code (a few hours) versus how hilarious it is going to be to watch fellow competitors singing songs just to attempt logins to my ssh service or just see the "wtf"-type faces.

Here's a screenshot: