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FreeBSD new psm and moused ready for testing

I posted this to [email protected], so I might aswell post it here too.

I've been working on a userland-ification of psm(4) and a complete rewrite of moused(8). The new psm(4) driver lacks protocol understanding and expects to be controlled through ioctls only. The new moused(8) is designed such that mouse drivers are in the userland.

I have implemented 3 driver modules thus far:

  • Synaptics Touchpad (ps/2 only, not usb)
  • Generic PS/2
  • sysmouse (for ums(4) and mse(4))
Development has been done in 6.x (I don't have a -current machine handy) but this will probably work fine in -current.

Directions on what to do can be found on the project's site:

Comments/suggestions welcome :)