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xml, xml, xml.

My love for XML as a document format has only been growing over the past months. I write almost all of my formatted documents using XML these days. Articles and Project pages are written in XML, as are a number of my projects. Most notably, my xmlpresenter project is one of the cooler examples. I can fully publish articles by typing 'make' now, which executes this makefile. No magic cgi scripts involved. Plain HTML is served: Simple, clean, efficient.

I've been wanting to completely rewrite my website using xml and makefiles becuase they're just so simple and xslt makes document formatting the easiest thing in the world. I'm hoping to soon have gathered enough effort points to want to spend on redesigning the internals of this site. We'll see. I'll post more probably in a month when I finally get off my lazy bum.

Files of possible interest:
Article Makefile
ssh security article xml