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Adventures in Kernel-land

Having found myself with a lack of energy for working on my current projects, I decided to start a new one. This one aims to be a flexible input-device framework for FreeBSD.

I know next to nothing about the kernel and it's implementation, but fiddling around so far I've done somewhat well-ish. The first thing I'm going to do is make a new psm driver that can be loaded as a kernel module instead of having to be built into the kernel. My first target is going to be a driver that supports generic PS/2 mouse devices.

Once that's working, I'm hoping I'll be well versed enough in kernel development to actually start working on a framework for input devices (keyboards, joysticks, and mice). I'd prefer that things like special mouse drivers for things like Synaptics touchpads are off in their own little sub drivers. I also want sysctl tunables for options that are reasonable to have changed.

Right now, I'm not sure how I'm going to implement this framework, becuase I simply don't know enough about the kernel to know how to do it properly. More on this as things develop. This should be a fun project for me seeing as how I've never really dealt with hardware before, nor have I ever written anything on the kernel level.