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log-watching expert system

I got bored and wrote an expert system for doing log analysis and reaction. It's original intention was to watch auth.log for brute-force login attempts and block them on the firewall. It has turned into a far more flexible system for doing generic log-based matching and reaction. Reactions are based on a threshold of hits over time. The 'reaction' section of the config file specifies what command is run (this could be a simple shell script you call, for example).

There are a few features I'll probably be adding soon such as multiple threshold/reactions per match type, but that's somewhat down the road for when I have more boredom to throw at the project. I also want to allow users to add their own meta globs (like %USERNAME%) into the config file so the program is even more flexible.

Currently it runs on my mirror server and blocks excess (brute force) ssh attempts, seems to be going good. The development process of this took me into learning a very slick perl module called Parse::RecDescent which parses documents based on a given grammar. I used this for the config file, it was pleasantly easy to use. Check out logwatch, download it

It requires the following perl modules:

  • File::Tail
  • Regexp::Common
  • Parse::RecDescent