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XML? Perhaps...

I've been recently considering moving away from the huge hack that is the code that makes this website go. Currently it is driven by mod_perl and HTML::Mason - hack upon hack, mostly due to how this website was done.
I rewrote this website from php into perl as an excuse to learn HTML::Mason. Now I know mason and as a result the code is poorly written and shoddily glued together. In an effort to move towards newer technologies I think I'm going to try rewriting the site in XML and use XSLT to render. For the HTML it generates I'm leaning towards some sort of css/javascript fanciness to make things pretty and useful.
I also want to trash the script that I use to post things to this site becuase frankly it doesn't handle things the proper way it should, among other excuses to want to rewrite it to be morebettergood and use cooler technologies.
I'll keep posting updates as progress happens and I learn new things.