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tic 1.0 / Term::Shelly 0.2

Candice wanted a nonsucky, terminal-based aim client, and I was bored enough to write one. So after about 3 months of off-and-on development I've got enough work done on it to safely say it's useable. She and I both use it more or less regularly now. Including work done on my new module, Term::Shelly, I've decided to tag a release. tic's mostly bug free at the moment and supports a fair set of the features in AIM.

Features of tic:

  • Basic functionality: sending messages, receiving them, checking info, setting away, seeing who's online, etc.
  • Aliases can be created on demand to do whatever you want. You can cascade aliases aswell, meaning you can have one alias call another.
  • Logging is supported, logs go to ~/.tic/
  • Persistent settings can be put in ~/.ticrc. See below for more info on this.
  • Tab completion of all commands, aswell as completion of screennames for certain commands (like /msg)
  • A shortcut for replying to whoever messaged you most recently - typing ; at the beginning of the line will auto fill in "/msg [whoever]" for you.

You'll need 3 perl modules: Net::OSCAR, Term::ReadKey, and a module I wrote, Term::Shelly. The first two you can get from cpan. However, Term::Shelly hasn't been uploaded yet (I'm lazy) so you'll have to download it from me:

.ticrc syntax
The basic syntax is: key = value
Comments are prefixed with #, and whitespace between the key, =, and value. The following settings are available:

  • screenname = someusername
  • password = yourpassword
  • port = 8080
  • log = all|off
  • timestamp = on|off

Download tic over there on the right...