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Pimp, topkeys, etc...

Did a bit of coding this weekend. PiMP got some pretty major feature upgrades including stream support (think shoutcast). I still need to work on the server<->player protocol aswell as the client<->server protocol. I've got a list of hot features I'm going to add to it as soon as I get more time including iTunes shares support, non-mp3 multimedia support, a graphical frontend, a curses frontend, etc.

I also made some neat changes to is a handy script I wrote so I could control XMMS with my media/internet buttons on my microsoft keyboard. I no longer use this keyboard and instead use the number pad (which is generally useless to me normally). With this update I added support for multiple interfaces. The two I have written so far are for xmms and bottlerocket. You can toggle between the two (and a dynamic list of others that I may write.
If you want to give it a shot, you'll need atleast and, over there on the right. and other moduley things should go in ~/.topkeys/ requires xmms, obviously. requires bottlerocket to be installed, get it from freshmeat.

I also wrote a new perl module this weekend called HTTP::Handle. I needed this to make connecting to shoutcast and other mp3 streams less painful, I think it's a good start. I'll update it with some new features sometime soon.